Fishing Reels



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Fishing reels / catfish reels 


The Big Cat 5PiF catfish reel combines high toughness and winding power with a smooth and well-balanced running as well as high line capacity. The strong and thick-walled body cares for a safe housing of the power gear and allows a high power transmission at the fight with large catfish. The particularly developed cnc-cut aluminum spool features a high line capacity and is also suited for the use of strong braided lines.



Fishing reels / feeder reels 


Compact and ultra-modern longcast reel for feeder fishing as well as long range carp fishing or heavy spin fishing with slim braided lines.



Fishing reels / spinning reels 


Expectations on light trout reels can't be met more sovereignly within this price range. This reel catches the attention of every angler at first glance. The sporty and dynamic silhouette and the compact unit of housing and rotor as well as the perfectly dimensioned spool would excel also much pricier reels. Designed for the use of slim mono and braided lines this reel allows convenient casting also of smallest spoons thanks to the perfect X-Wind cross wrap.



Fishing reels / spinning reels 


The i-COR 2PiR with rear drag brings fishing fun and reason together: these reels combine quality, smooth running, an infinite system, a perfectly working rear drag with proper fishing qualities at a sensational price. Even the double-anodized aluminum spool is included as well as the anti-twist line roller, which spares the line and successfully combats line twist. The S-Stroke with X-Wind cross wrap perfectly winds the line on the longcast spool and allows long and accurate casts.

This model is available in 2 specifications


Fishing reels / free spool reels 


Longcast free spool reel with supersized spool for extraordinary casting performance. Highly modern free spool reels with black soft-touch design and supersized cold-forged super longcasting spool for superior casting distances with line retraction of above one meter. The slow-speed wormshaft system wraps the line slowly along the tall longcasting spool with utmost precision while the gear ensures high power transmission.

This model is available in 2 specifications


FIshing reels / jigging reels 


Reliable reel with high power transmission! When you first of all expect outstanding quality and reliable durability of a jigging reel, the Seacor Power Pilk 6PiF is just the right choice. This reel is designed for high strains and features a real power gear, which is operated via the tough aluminum handle and doesn’t have to fear any fight with large specimen.



Fishing reels / carp reels 


The Pitcor SLO 5PiF with noble dull-black design has particularly been designed for carp fishing and heavy feeder fishing. The High-Power gear cares for maximum power transmission and even running, also at high strain. The wormshaft system is conceived for a medium-slow spool stroke, enabling long and precise casts with both braided and mono lines.

This model is available in 2 specifications


Fishing reels / free spool reels 


The Black Master BR 8PiF is an all-round freespool reel for nearly all kinds of freshwater fishing and convinces by its outstanding technical features combined with a price that delights. The Black Master BR 8PiF is characterized by its good processing, reliability and components made of distinguished materials.

This model is available in 3 specifications


Fishing reels / spinning reels 


Developing reels, that are excelled by their excellent price-performance ratio has been the goal of CORMORAN ever since. Of course this reel is no exception. This reliable companion unites robustness with low weight and a smooth running. And all that at an unbeatable price.



Fishing reels / free spool reels 


Beautiful and light freespool reels with convincing price-performance ratio. The freespool system works precisely and can be adjusted over a wide range, allowing also a completely free drawing of the line. The gearing works reliably and round with hardly noteworthy resistance at the handle – a real exception within this price category.

This model is available in 5 specifications

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