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Fishing reels / feeder reels 


Compact and ultra-modern longcast reel for feeder fishing as well as long range carp fishing or heavy spin fishing with slim braided lines.



Fishing reels / spinning reels 


Expectations on light trout reels can't be met more sovereignly within this price range. This reel catches the attention of every angler at first glance. The sporty and dynamic silhouette and the compact unit of housing and rotor as well as the perfectly dimensioned spool would excel also much pricier reels. Designed for the use of slim mono and braided lines this reel allows convenient casting also of smallest spoons thanks to the perfect X-Wind cross wrap.



Fishing reels / spinning reels 


The i-COR 2PiR with rear drag brings fishing fun and reason together: these reels combine quality, smooth running, an infinite system, a perfectly working rear drag with proper fishing qualities at a sensational price. Even the double-anodized aluminum spool is included as well as the anti-twist line roller, which spares the line and successfully combats line twist. The S-Stroke with X-Wind cross wrap perfectly winds the line on the longcast spool and allows long and accurate casts.

This model is available in 2 specifications


Fishing reels / spinning reels 


Developing reels, that are excelled by their excellent price-performance ratio has been the goal of CORMORAN ever since. Of course this reel is no exception. This reliable companion unites robustness with low weight and a smooth running. And all that at an unbeatable price.



Fishing reels / feeder reels 


Specially designed feeder reel, perfectly matching with modern feeder rods. Not only spinning rods are steadily getting lighter and more affordable, also carbon fiber feeder rods today are more handy and lightweight than ever before. Nevertheless they have to be robust and tough. We have developed a special feeder reel, which is the genuine counterpart for these modern feeder rods. It is equipped according to the same principles: lightweight, robust and affordable.



Fishing reels / spinning reels 

i-COR L 5PiF

Weight reduction is the magic word – not only at carbon fiber rods! We are working on reducing the weight of carbon fiber rods since years while making them more affordable at the same time. This effort has also been the target at the development of the i-COR L 5 PiF, a reel series for light spin fishing. We have developed a series, which is perfectly matching to the modern light rods regarding the weight and further features a price-performance ratio, which sets a benchmark and completes the range of affordable carbon fiber rods.

This model is available in 4 specifications

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