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Reels - Rear drag or front drag?



Presently the majority of anglers fish with rear drag reels. The reason is mainly the simple handling. It is easy and uncomplicated to change the adjustment of the drag without interfering with the reel. Furthermore the below attached drag is normally easier and better to handle. The disadvantage of the rear drag reel is the less powerful drag, because the drag is considerably smaller as one of the front drag reels.

Therefore the rear drag reel cannot be so finely adjusted and works most of the time less smoothly than the front drag reel. So it is a personal choice if the simpler handling of the rear drag reel is preferred to the more sensitive and finer adjustment of the front drag reel.

The front drag reel is getting more and more popular. The reasons are the increasing offers in shops and the more sensitive adjustments of the front drag reel. And the drag is essentially bigger than the ones of the rear drag reel.

It is a great advantage especially with the use of very fine ment at competition fishing and at the use of non-stretchable braided lines. Moreover the front drag works normally without jolt and gives the line at a hard bite more easily free. The disadvantages are the inferior ease of use, because at drilling it is more difficult to interfere with the reel to change the adjustment of the drag.

A look on the market shows that nearly all expensive and all very expensive reels have a front drag. Professional anglers rely most of the time on front drag reels and prefer a more sensitive adjustment to the disadvantages of handling.

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