Landing Nets & Gaffs



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Nets / keep nets 

Keep Net

Model 6265

De Luxe keep net with 4 metal rings and strong plastic rings, which are strengthened at the joint. Equipped with adjustable bankstick holder and smell-free rubber-coated net.

This model is available in 3 specifications


Nets / baitfish nets 

Bait Fish Net

Baitfish net with telescopic arms, is mounted quickly and is perfect in function. Eqipped with cotton net.



Nets / baitfish traps 

Baitfish Trap

Premium and highly successful baitfish trap with clear mono net, which drastically reduces the scaring of prey fish compared to polyester nets.



Nets / baitfish traps 

Baitfish Trap

Ideal keep net for baitfish.



Nets / keep nets 

Wire Keep Net

By the special construction this keep net can stand firmly - ideal for herring fishing.



Nets / keep nets 

Boat Keep Net

Fish friendly keep net with 2 floating bodies. Adjustable on a boat.



Nets / landing net handles 

Landing Net Handle "Super"

3-parted landing net handle made of aluminium. With English thread.



Nets / landing nets 

Bait Fish Landing Net

Model 6209

Economic landing net for fishing bait fish. Ideal for the pond in the garden.




Nets / Unhooking mats 

PRO CARP Stalker Mat

Model 1111

Practical, compact Stalker unhooking mat with much comfort, which can be transported space-saving. Thanks to the PVC material it is cleaned fast and easily and it’s very gentle for the sensitive mucosa of the carp.



Nets / unhooking mats 

PRO CARP Professional Unhooking Mat

Model 1112

Superior unhooking mat with thick padding. Protects the fish against damage.


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