Fishing Tools



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Fishing tools / bait needles 

Bait Needle

Classic bait needle made of stainless steel with permanent eyelet.



Fishing tools / bait needles 

Worm Needle

Ideal worm needle for putting the worm on the hook.



Fishing tools / oils & greases 

Silicone Grease

First class silicone grease with felt wiper for flys and lines. Water-repellent and neutral in taste. With high silicone contingent.



Fishing tools / oils & greases 

Silicone Spray

Super quality spray with high silicone contingent. Makes flys durable and swimable.



Fishing tools / oils & greases 

Reel Grease

Superb grease for ball bearings of fixed and multiplier reels. Saltwater resistant, to avoid corrosion and abrasion.



Fishing tools / oils & greases 

Reel Oil

Fine reel oil for all fixed and multiplier reels. In practical plastic bottle with sharp lock.



Fishing tools / lacquers 

Rod Lacquer

Fast drying rod lacquer for rods to correct damages and scratches.



Fishing tools / hook tiers 

Hook Tier

Practical help with which even small whip hooks can be bound securely.




Fishing tools / depth finders 

DEPTH FINDER Depth Counter

Mechanical line counter for direct mounting on the rod. For rods from Ø 15-25mm. Range from 0-999m.



Accessories / adapters 

Quick-Release Seat Box Adapter

Quick-Release seat box adapter for an easy and quick setup at round feet of +/- 25mm diameter. Choose the right position at the seat box or your chair and close the screw – a secure fixation of the adapter is guaranteed. The different feeder arms can be exchanged quickly without removing the adapter.

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