Fishing Tools



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Others / smoking accessories 

Smoking Oven XL

3 large burning pots distribute the heat equal and constant. The lid is sealed, no smoke escapes during the process.



Ohters / smoking accessories 

Smoking Oven

6 trouts can be put on 2 trays. 2 large burning pots distribute the heat equally and constantly. The lid is sealed - no smoke escapes during the process.



Scales & Tapes 

TEAM CORMORAN Mini Electronical Scale

Digital, waterproof high tech scale with shock proof body. The scale saves up to 10 weights and turns off automatically 4min after weighing process. Weight range up to 10kg.



Fishing tools / hook tiers 

Hook Tier

Practical help with which even small whip hooks can be bound securely.




Fishing tools / depth finders 

DEPTH FINDER Depth Counter

Mechanical line counter for direct mounting on the rod. For rods from Ø 15-25mm. Range from 0-999m.



Others / aeration pumps 

Aeration Pump

Good quality, very powerful professional bait fish pump with large pushbutton on/off-switch. Runs with a 9V battery or can be connected to cigarette lighter in the car. The pump works very quietly and and with little vibrations. Supplied with fine pored filter for the optimal oxygen supply and a 5m cable for the cigarette lighter. With clip for can or belt.



Fishing tools / filleting sets 

TEAM CORMORAN Filleting Combo

De Luxe filleting set with filleting knife, sharpener and filleting glove in professional quality.



Fishing tools / fishing knives 

TEAM CORMORAN Filleting Knife

Special shaped, grinded blade made of stainless steel for easy filleting. The ergonomically shaped anti-slip handle avoids slipping with wet, slimy hands. The plastic sheath provides a quick drying of the knife, holds it tight, due to a special clip and is a useful accessory because of its integrated knife sharpener.



Fishing tools / fishing knives 

TEAM CORMORAN All-round Knife "Power Flex"

Compact all-round and filleting knife with 10cm flexible power flex blade and saw respectively descaler at the reverse blade side. The blade is made of stainless steel, the ergonomic non-slip handle lies perfect in the hand. Thanks to the plastic knife sheath the knife dries very fast. With integrated sharpener.



Fishing tools / grinding stones 

TEAM CORMORAN Hook Grinding Stone

Extendable hook grinding stone with fine-grained hone, made of aluminium oxide. With 3 incorporated grooves with different thickness for grinding hooks of various sizes.


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