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Professional advices for the big catch.




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Target Fish - Zander

Jouke Jansma

Zander floats: Fishing for zander with CORMORAN zander floats

Fishing with dead bait and zander float- Jouke Jansma likes it!
Fishing Techniques
Spin fishing: Avoiding mistakes at spin fishing

You wait years for the "fish of your life" and then the moment of truth has arrived! But because of a careless mistake the fish is lost! ...

Target Fish - Perch

Stephan Gockel

Aiming for the large ones

My professional advice concerns the fish which normally is considered a marginal fish by many anglers. Very few people fish for it specifically. It can be quite a nuisance....
Target Fish - Sea Trout

Horst Hennings

Fishing for sea trout in winter

The tideland fishing for the sea trout always fascinates me. In the main season between September and May I am drawn magically to a suitable part of the coast, where the sea has a ground consisting of algae, seaweed…
Target Fish - Roach

Heinrich Dettweiler

Roach fishing in winter

It is fun to go roach fishing in winter, because then you are alone and undisturbed on the waterfront. My favourite place for fishing is the rhine-main-danube canal (RMD). Because of the ships, the RMD canal rarely freezes in winter…
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