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Fishing for sea trout in winter

Horst Hennings

The tideland fishing for the sea trout always fascinates me. In the main season between September and May I am drawn magically to a suitable part of the coast, where the sea has a ground consisting of algae, seaweed alternating with sand and stones. Hotspots are the stone reefs which are towering into the sea. But especially in the winter months January/February one should follow these advices: the colder the sea, the saltier the sea is. Sea trout avoid saltwater and look for sweeter areas. There are found at harbours, shallow bays and fjords with rivers running into it. The water temperature there is slightly higher than in the open sea. A rule for winter is that more trout are in southern parts of the Baltic Sea than in the northern part. 

In cold water it is useful to use plastic lures, because they are slower than spoons. The help of a stopper knot or a 40 to 50 cm above the fly lure is a special tip, which can rise the odds of catching a fish. During the colder time of the year the use of the sbirolino with a 4m long rig where imitations of prawns, streamer, artificial flies, light spinner, plastic fish or natural baits can be fixed. The float is very slow, so the lazier fish cannot resist these lures in cold water.

With the use of the right lure, extremely wide casts can be made because of the streamline shape of the float. A special tip is to knot a piece of a sinking line, fast or slow sinking, between the rig and the spiro, so the lure runs deeper and is moving attractively. For spin fishing with a braided line it is advisable to put in front of a buffer made of carbon. The classic fly fishing can also be very successful in winter.

One is easily addicted to sea trout fishing in saltwater. Alone with nature, wonderful quietness and the free decision where, when and how to fish. Long fights with fish offer an unforgettable time. But also long waiting, toughness, alertness and endurance belong to the equipment of a sea trout fisher.

Never forget only the lure in the water catches the fish.

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