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Swinger, Hanger or Line Dancer

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A very useful device, especially for carp, pike, catfish and eel fishing, is the so called swinger, hanger or line dancer. It is a counter-balance which is put between the reel and the electronic bite indicator on the line.

Carp fishing is mostly made with steady leads, so it can happen that the carps swims with the lead towards us. The line hangs limp and in this case without the counter-balance of the line, the bite indicator would not work. The weight pulls the hanging line over the bite indicator and so an acoustic signal can be heard. If the fish swims away from the angler, the line dancer is risen and a signal can be heard.

The CORMORAN Line Dancer range is suitable for all kinds of fishing with an electronic bite indicator. The models cover all situations of fishing. The line dancer can be put on every bankstick.

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