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We must subject alterations of the printed images among the website, the consumer’s catalogue and/or the dealer’s catalogue or other data files because of technical reasons.

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Uploading of data
You can transmit data, texts and pictures to DAIWA-CORMORAN in combination with the participation in activities or supply of articles and/or information for the publication on the DAIWA-CORMORAN website. You confirm with the use of these services that you are the author of these contents and that you own the property of the rights of the use of the data, texts and pictures. At the same time you allow DAIWA-CORMORAN the free publication of these contents within the scope of the website of DAIWA-CORMORAN. DAIWA-CORMORAN is entitled to remove the information from the website with immediate effect by suspicion of misuse of the offered upload services.

Data protection guidelines
This website (cormoran.de, daiwa.de, daiwa-cormoran.de) is administered by DAIWA-CORMORAN Sport Goods Distribution LLC. You agree with the conditions of the guidelines for data protection like mentioned below by accessing or using it in any form.  If you do not agree with these guidelines, kindly do not call the website or use it in any other form. If you have questions, suggestions or comments please contact us via email. Send your email to webmaster@daiwa-cormoran.de.

Dealing with personal data
Your are asked to give information about your person in a specially prepared web form by DAIWA-CORMORAN at certain activities on this site (notice lists, product inquiries, catch of the month etc.). It is up to you if you follow these requests. If you decide to do it, DAIWA-CORMORAN is allowed to ask for your personal data (name, email, address etc.) being at their proposal under certain circumstances.

If you give your personal information to DAIWA-CORMORAN, you allow DAIWA-CORMORAN and its representatives, associated companies and trustworthy business partners to transfer, record and process your consumer’s profile to all countries in which DAIWA-CORMORAN and its associated companies have offices, including the United States of America. This data is received and recorded by DAIWA-CORMORAN for services of the website. DAIWA-CORMORAN acknowledges the importance of careful dealings with your data. If you are against the use of this data for the purpose of informing you about other products and special offers and let DAIWA-CORMORAN know at the supply of your personal data, DAIWA-CORMORAN fulfils your request. 

As soon as you pass your personal data in relation with a specific activity on the website of DAIWA-CORMORAN, you agree that your data is transferred, recorded and processed for updating the database of DAIWA-CORMORAN as well as associated companies and business partners. This right extends to all countries where the referred companies/people maintain branch offices abroad as well as unreserved to the USA. Your personal data is not transferred for any other purpose to a state outside the European Union, unless you grant permission to it.

Use of data
To visit the websites cormoran.de, daiwa.de and daiwa-cormoran.de as well as to have access to the contained information is possible without authentication of your identity. But for quality improvement of the website so called cookies are applied, which keep track of your visit. A cookie is a small data packet which is sent by a server to your browser and can only be read by that server. It cannot be executed as a program code nor be abused for transporting viruses.

Most browser programs accept cookies as standard. You can cause your browser to inform you about the receipt of cookies, so you can decide for yourself if you want to accept or not accept these. Please consider that some websites assume with the identification the acceptance of cookies. In case of a non acceptance you are denied or receive limited access to these sites. DAIWA-CORMORAN uses the cookies for registering your visit on cormoran.de, daiwa.de and daiwa-cormoran.de and the server records automatically the IP-address of your computer. You cannot be identified by this information, that is why you remain anonymously until you give DAIWA-CORMORAN in another way details about your person.

Kindly observe that DAIWA-CORMORAN is not responsible for the content or guidelines of data protection of other websites to which cormoran.de, daiwa.de and daiwa-cormoran.de is referring.

Right of withdrawal
The right of withdrawal does not consist with contracts which are concluded with companies or freelancers in the context with their occupational activity or with goods which are made due to consumer’s specification. Since we only sell to retailers (trade) the right of withdrawal is not brought to bear. Additional our general terms and conditions are valid.


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